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    Sasura: Customizable sunglasses the fashion world will be swooning over

    December 22, 2016

    Luxury sunglasses brand Sasura has returned and this time they’re giving #Fashifeens an early holiday gift—a pre-release campaign where you can design your eyewear from frame to charm.

    The Italian made brand first debuted with eyewear that incorporated fine jewellery charms into the frames. It was the first time fashion lovers could make their sunglasses their own. As the brand kicks off their FIRST pre-release of a collection I got the chance to test out the frames, and of course, the charms!

    The pair I’m wearing is Havana Contemporary from the new collection, Sasura Second Generation. Looking back I probably would’ve chosen the cat eye such as the Black Butterfly for a more dramatic look, but the subtly of these was what caught my eye—I don’t have any pairs like it! Overall I found them to be flawlessly designed. The frames were light but sturdy and the lenses protected by eyes but provided enough vision I literally ended up wearing “my sunglasses at night”! If you have extremely sensitive eyes or bad vision like myself, you’ll find the lenses to be a saving grace.

    The new collection will use the same customization concept as the previous collection but offer new frames and charms. Major brand charms (like Pandora, Troll, Persona etc) fit into the frames and the Sterling Silver charms can be used on an existing charm bracelet.

    Full production of the new collection is set to begin in January Check out some of the styles at and use #MySasura and #kickstarter to follow the journey.

    Sasura is available in 10 countries in optical boutiques. They retail for $350-375 including a set of beads.

    ::GET THE LOOK::
    Jacket – Zara
    Leather Jacket – Forever21
    Blouse – BCBG
    Jeans – Oak&Fort
    Boots – Joie
    Accessories: Choker – TopShop, Sunglasses Sasura, Backpack – Zara


    Photography Credit: Grace Pan.

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