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    Olaplex in Toronto: Going platinum with olaplex at Parlour Salon

    June 23, 2016











    Great hair doesn’t happy by choice, it happens by appointment. Or in this case, by Parlour Salon and Olaplex.

    Ever since the platinum trend has graced the likes of Instagram, Kim K and Sydney Fashion Blogger, I’ve been wanting to go bright or go home. But my concern was always been the damage it will bring to my hair. As I voiced this to my girlfriends, my beauty obsessed friends (who happen to have black hair) would preach Olaplex.

    “It’s what everyone uses,” they would say. “Especially if they’re going blonde.” Naturally I was hesitant seeing as they didn’t have any direct experience with the product but the more I dug around, the more the term Olaplex would come up.

    According to them (and shown from Kim) Olaplex allows hairstylists to push the boundaries when it comes to hair colour. It let’s them die your hair from one extreme to the other with very minor damage. The treatment reconnects broken disulfide bonds in the hair—the exact bonds that are broken during the hair colouring process. Not only does it keep your hair from damaging, it often makes it feel better than it did when you stepped into the salon. Best of yet, it’s not tested on animals. It boasts the title of insurance for your hair, coupled with an ego and confidence of a product that has results.

    Intrigued by the treatment and dying to go more blonde, I called up one of the few salons in Toronto that carry Olaplex: Parlour Salon.

    I’ve been to Parlour Salon once before and absolutely loved my experience. No ego, great prices, even better service. This time though, I wanted to do two things differently: try the Olaplex treatment and bring my best fur buddy along with me.

    After five hours in the salon and London stealing the show I left the salon with my hair looking and feeling the best it has all year. Jessica, my hair stylist, even had to add texture spray after blowdrying because my hair was too smooth! It was, and is, smooth as silk, with little to no evidence that I even coloured it. I also love how natural Jessica made my hair look like a natural platinum colour. Here’s a run down of how the Olaplex process works:

    How Olaplex is Applied to your hair

    1. Olaplex is first mixed into the hair colour that is applied to your hair
    2. The added treatment can double the time it takes for the colour to be absorbed by your hair (but it’s worth it)
    3. After rinsing, an Olaplex serum is brushed on your hair and sits for ten minutes
    4. Next you rinse, shampoo, tone and condition
    5. Your hair will feel undoubtedly smooth

    Overall I had a great experience and though the Olaplex was outstanding, the ability to bring my fur buddy into a friendly, fun, down-to-earth environment was even better. From start to finish Parlour did a kick-butt job on my hair and also helped me cater to London’s curiosity and small bladder. Both her and I felt right at home. Which at the end of the day, takes a salon in the city from just a salon to THE salon you want to stay at.

    Now that London and I have found our go-to hair place, the hair possibilities are endless. This month was platinum, next month… let us ride the high from this experience first and then we’ll talk ;).

    Parlour salon is located on Queen West and Queen East (The Beaches). The dog-friendly salon carries Olaplex at both locations and offers a wide range of services for a very reasonable price. To book your appointment or talk, visit their website at

    To learn more about Olaplex, visit the official website

    Have a question about my experience? Ask me in the comments below!


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