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    How I became a video contributor for the Huffington Post

    February 23, 2017

    The FIRST HP video that was created.

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    When it comes to leaving your mark online, being associated with well-known platforms can sky rocket your presence. It’s the online form of an education credit, like placing MBA beside your name. When you mention “Huffington Post” ears suddenly perk up. After six months of producing, creating and editing videos I can confidently say that I’ve gotten a healthy dose of recognition and trolls (which, in my industry, usually mean you’ve made it!). Though I have so many more milestones I want to reach in my career, making videos for The Huffington Post has definitely been one of my proudest moments. And so I wanted to share the answer to that burning question that influencers and friends always ask, “How did you do it?”

    I’d like to say that becoming a video contributor for The Huffington Post Canada happened over night but it didn’t. It also isn’t something that I applied for. When I first started getting asked how it happened I gave a simple answer, “they just asked me if I wanted to do it and I said yes.” But after reflecting for a few weeks I’ve realized that it wasn’t really that simple. Saying “they just asked me” undermined all of the late nights networking, the weekends I said no to family and friends, and all of the scary-as-hell risks I took to get where I am today. So be prepared my friends, getting on The Huffington Post isn’t as easy as it sounds, but when it happens, it will be damn rewarding.

    Network, even when you’re tired AF

    Let me give you a break down of what the beginning of 2015 looked like for me. 6:30 a.m. wake up. walk the dog (I only had one at the time). shower. do my hair and makeup. pack an extra outfit. eat (maybe). run to the subway. work from 9 to 5. 5:00 p.m. Go to the ladies room. re-touch my hair and makeup. subway to an event. 6 to 9. eat. drink. introduce myself to strangers. drink. eat more, this was my dinner. take business cards, give business cards. cab home. 9:30 p.m. get home. unpack my goodie bag. make notes on the business cards I collected. 9:30 to 11:30 blog. 11:30 hit the gym. 1:00 a.m. go to bed.

    The free drinks and food were perks, but I really only went to events to network. I would scope out who I might meet and what I might say. I would make goals for what I wanted. “I want to meet someone I can collaborate with tonight, I want to meet a head PR person who might hire me freelance, I want to find editors that I can write for. I want to find writers who might feature me.” Every night had a purpose.

    This happened regularly, three time a week at least. And on the weekends I would shoot photos, send emails and network some more. Every weekend was work to me, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. On these days I would look at other bloggers, see what partnerships they had and find out ways that I could be a part of the same things they were. One goal I wrote down was “AOL Style Canada Contributor. Find out how to get on.”

    It was through my networking I heard about the Toronto blogging conference, Sparkssessions. And AOL Style Canada would be there.

    One week later I signed on to be a part of the network. Three months later they were purchased by The Huffington Post Canada. Two years later I was asked to make videos for them.

    Networking opens doors like you’ve never imagined. Trust me, if you invest the time in networking, you’ll likely never look for a job or freelance project again—it will come to you.

    Become a YES woman (or man)

    Say YES to projects that come your way even if it’s not your ideal fit. Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful when it comes to building a career in the city, and sometimes the people you meet through various opportunities doors for where you want to go. If an outlet offers you a small writing piece rather than an entire campaign, take it and show them what you can offer. Have your goal in mind and picture it with every opportunity you pursue.

    Before I started making videos for The Huffington Post, my blog posts would curate onto the outlet ‘monthly round up with Canada’s style makers. It was a small piece but it began to give credit, and soon after opened the doors to stand-alone videos.

    Filmed this one before I had to head to work too, then wore the last outfit for the day. I often spend my commutes editing my videos.
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    Don’t be afraid of rejection

    If I told you how many times I’ve been rejected from campaigns, opportunities or features you might laugh. But it’s all part of the learning. Working as a publicist during the day has taught me not to be afraid of rejection, and neither should you. Make time to reach out to brands and journalists and introduce yourself. You might not be a good fit at that time but when the right fit does pop up they will remember your drive.

    Before my Huffington Post video contribution opportunity came around, I reached out a few months prior asking how I could be more active and involved. Great relationships and great businesses don’t happen overnight. Be patient and driven, and when someone says no the first time, take it with a grain of salt.

    The most viewed video on my YouTube channel.
    See original article here

    Have an industry question or new to blogging? Reach out to me in the comments below to let me know what other advise I can share, or shoot me and email. I might not respond right away, but I will respond within the week!


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