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    3 Champagne inspired New Year’s treats & 1 awesome ‘bubbly’ station

    December 31, 2015


    Candy Rocks



    Candy rocks can bring any drink to the next level. With the posh look and decadent taste it was a no brainer to pair them with my champagne for New Year’s Eve – it’s also the easiest of the three!

    Go to your local Party City and buy a pack of candy rocks. Place the candy in the champagne flutes, then carefully pour in the champagne.

    Champagne Jello Shots



    A touch of flair and creativeness always makes the hostess the mostest! These champagne jello shots are so simple to make and tastes delicious. To make this bubbly jello all you have to do is replace the cold water with champagne. Once you’ve mixed the powder, hot water and champagne, pour into plastic shot glasses and refrigerate for a few hours.

    Champagne Custard




    These baby’s are the pinnacle for any NYE party! They take a bit of work to make but hey if it was easy everyone would be doing it! They will have your guests craving more and begging you to give them the recipe. Not only are they delicious but extremely eye pleasing as well. Needless to say these beauties will steal the spot light on the big night!

    For the original recipe, click here.

    And that’s that! Have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, and of course a prosperous New Year!


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