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    Open When Letters

    January 7, 2015


    It’s the new year and I am across the country. It’s a happy time of the year and I am thrilled to be visiting family and friends on the west coast however I am without my significant other. Since we are unable to be together, I wanted to do something special for him during my time away. While brainstorming and researching things I could do, I stumbled upon “Open When” letters on Pinterest. I decided this was the perfect something to leave for him and I had so much fun putting it all together.

    What You’ll Need:

    Envelopes and Cards for all your letters

    A few goodies for each letter

    Markers, crayons, pencils, a typewriter.
    Be creative!

    The letters I included:

    Open Me..


    It’s a snowy day

    It’s Christmas

    You’ve had a bad day

    You’re having a great day

    You’ve finished reading a book

    It’s New Years

    You really miss me

    It’s a friday

    You need motivation

    You feel like a cup of tea

    You want to know more about me

    Some more ideas:

    It’s your birthday

    Any holiday during the time you’re away

    You’re making dinner

    You’re sick

    The possibilities are endless!

    open when2

    Some goodie ideas:

    Inspirational Quotes/ Wisdom
    Their favourite things

    So far:

    I can only speak to the ones he has opened so I don’t ruin the rest of the letters!

    First: Written Letter, Travel Bug Insert, Quote

    It’s a snowy day: Letter & Lip Balm

    You want to know more about me: 25 things about me and I challenged him to respond and mail me a letter back (he did!)

    Prior to my departure, I handed him a stack of envelopes, twelve to be exact. Some of the goodies couldn’t fit in the envelopes so I even paired some small packages and bags with the letters.

    Now, I can’t tell you anymore about the letters. What I can say is that absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.

    Until next time!


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