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    How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton

    January 24, 2016


    Did you know that Louis Vuitton is one of the most counterfeited brands in the fashion world? Or that approximately 99% of all LV bags in the world are fake? Even Google and e-bay have been caught selling knock-offs. But for Louis, the lost money isn’t the problem; it’s about protecting the name and creative integrity of a brand.

    If you’re wondering if a Louis bag is real, look at these key things:

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    1.Stitching on a Louis Vuitton bag

    Louis Vuitton bags are perfectly hand stitched and proportionally aligned. Uneven stitching is quick sign of a fake. On handle tabs, each portion of the tab will have the same amount of stitches as its corresponding tab on the other side of the bag. There are also five fine stitches on the top of leather tab that the handle is attached to. Count them out!

    2.Material of the Louis Vuitton bag

    Authentic bags are made of coated material that’s water repellant and durable. The material of any real LV bag will never feel cheap or artificial. Counterfeiters frequently use leathers that have an unnatural, plastic shine on the surface.

    3.The Louis Vuitton Monogram

    Monogram placement is done carefully and is consistent. The monogram of authentic Louis Vuitton is a capital L at bottom slightly above it is V signifying the brand name. The fake ones have the V touching L. The monogram should be symmetrical from side to side. The name and logo will also always appear in full form.

    4.The Louis Vuitton Date coding

    Look at the date code. There should be two letters followed by four numbers. The letters signify the country of origin and the numbers tell about the date and year of manufacturing. Authentic date stamps have the letters and numbers evenly spaced and aligned.

    5. Too good to be true sales

    Lastly Louis Vuitton does not go on sale – it simply does not happen. Like many luxury designers, Vuitton burns their unsold merchandise at the end of the year. Why? It’s how they maintain the label’s value. Unless you’re buying from a reputable consigner, authentic products are sold exclusively in Louis Vuitton stores.

    *All photos in this post are of an authentic bag.

    Like this article? Check out 5 simple ways to buy that designer bag!



    Ievgeniia Shyian is a multi-linguistic communicator and PR professional living in Toronto. She speaks fluently in four languages, which she uses to her advantage during her days of working PR and cross-cultural communications.

    She loves writing, fashion and admiring luxury. You can reach her on Twitter @IevgeniiaShyian.

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