Styling the winter parka + a Nobis review

January 31, 2017

This video, 4 ways to style the winter parka, was created to solve all those dreaded winter parka moments when your coat hides your details, gets you sweating before you can make it to your destination, or just isn’t warm enough. During the production process I drew on style inspiration from Kourtney Kardashian, Fashion Instagrammers, and outfits I found myself wearing. But before all of that, I had to search for a parka I wanted to style—something that was versatile.

Nobis is a global brand that creates parkas using textile and technology innovations. I was first introduced to Nobis during their flagship opening party, which, funny enough, I didn’t get a chance to attend due to a previous commitment! And so, when I got final word from HP’s editors that they liked the winter parka idea, I jumped on the opportunity to style a this brand.

It’s been three months since I received my Nobis Jacket, the Tula, and I am officially smitten about a coat. As the days went by and I wore it more and more—6:00 a.m. mornings waiting for the Go Train, hiking at Rattlesnake Point, wandering through Niagara Falls—I came to realize that the quality went beyond warmth. All of the jacket’s parts catered to whatever it was I was doing. It was versatile in design, it kept me warm all the way from the hood to the thumb holes and I felt good about wearing it. Though it’s not vegan, the fur found on the hood is purchased from NAFA, an organization that provides ethical standards for the fur trade.

As I continue to bare this winter with my trusty parka, I use the four style rules I show you in the video to guide me.

1) Use Accessories
2) Wear a coat underneath
3) Take off the hood
4) Wear a faux fur or fur vest overtop

These are the outfits I wear when the weather permits—boots when there’s snow, heels when there isn’t. And yes, I do wear heels in the winter time, what fashionista doesn’t?! 🙂

Nobis Tula Jacket (see here)

*Photography: Shout out to a photographer I met in my travel photography class, @Scarbviews. He takes great shots and is such a fun person to creatively collaborate with. Check out his stuff!

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This video was originally created for The Huffington Post Canada. Find the original video here.


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