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Working Girl, You Got This: A Modern Take On Living And Eating Well

March 6, 2017

Any working girl who lives in the city will tell you life isn’t simple. We work longer hours than most, indulge in the city’s restaurant and nightlife weekly, and somehow find time to still look trendy. On an average morning I wake up to the sound of honking horns or trains rolling along the tracks, some bringing waves of commuters into the city for the working day. I wake up in my 600 square foot condo, with my kitchen only steps away from my bed, my office not too far away either. Then I get on with my day: work full-time for my day job, work full-time at night as an influencer, and fill the role of dog mommy to my four pound Yorkie named London. It’s a busy life, but one that’s pretty common for those living in the city. #GirlBosses feel me and #WomenWhoWork know what I mean, the city breeds opportunity that sometimes you can’t say no to. As more and more women ask me, “how do you do it all?” I thought it would be the perfect time to team up with Dr.Oetker (my guilty pleasure) and share my tips on living and eating well, all while building your empire!

Let go of the things you don’t have to do
When I first moved to the city I was completely guilty of this. Trying to cook dinner every night, scrubbing the condo every weekend, doing loads of laundry every other day. The reality is, when you are working non-stop you can’t physically do everything. It’s OKAY to let go of things you don’t have to do. Let go of the things you think you ‘need’ to do by doing this instead:

• Instead of cooking, look for things that are easy to make. The Dr. Oetker Ristorante Ultra-Thin Crust pizzas are perfect for this because they are quick to make but still taste delicious. I’m not kidding when I say my freezer is always stocked with one of these. On days when you get home late and just want to watch How to Get Away with Murder, you will be so glad you have one of these on hand! I’ve tried all of the six flavours and these are my favourite: The new kale, bacon and ricotta, the spinach and provolone, the mushroom and onion.
● Instead of cleaning everything, find things that can help you. Robot vacuum cleaners are my saving grace, and my hidden secret (literally, it’s hidden under my couch)! Invest in one and use it daily to save you time from sweeping and vacuuming. In a Toronto condo this will likely only save you 40 minutes, but it’s 40 minutes you can spend going to the gym instead.
● Let go of the need to wash everything right after you wear it. If it’s not dirty, wear it again. It’s easy to fall into the trap of washing your clothes right after you wear them but for most items this will slowly ruin the colour and fabric, and eventually your favourite shirt will be heading to GoodWill or a thrift store.

Note: don’t get into the habit of ordering food every night, it’s costly and very rarely healthy! I fell into this trap too at one point, and boy did I regret it. Spending $50 on ordering food a night is never a good choice.

The Ultra-Thin crust is a new addition to the Ristorante Thin Crust line and low in fat—only 8 grams for ¼ of a pizza. The new line comes with six different flavours, the kale, bacon and ricotta being the newest flavour to hit shelves.

Schedule me-time like it’s a meeting
The dreaded work-life balance. This was and STILL IS the hardest thing for me to get a hold of. But in the past three years I’ve learned how important it is to dedicate time for yourself. Make a point of scheduling me-time daily. Whether it’s going to the gym or reading during your commute, find a way to mentally and physically take care of yourself. It could even be 15 minutes, however short or long it is, never lose sight of how important it is to take care of yourself. Here’s the things I do regularly:

Gym time is me time: I go to the gym alone so that I can spend time thinking, and yes, I schedule it in. I either write it down in my planner or make a meeting with myself on Google Calendar.
#NailsOnFleek: I love getting gel nails at this place by my work, and consider the hour me-time. It’s okay to indulge in little things that make you happy. When you work hard, you deserve it!
Don’t talk to me unless I’ve had my coffee: Sitting down to enjoy my morning coffee is one of the most important parts of my routine. I wake up around 6:00 a.m. every morning and even though I spend most of the morning working on different project, I always sit down for ten minutes to enjoy my coffee.

However you do it, make a little bit of time each day for yourself.

Be selective, you don’t have to do everything at once
The city is an exciting place and it can be tempting to go to every networking event, try every restaurant or go to every industry party. But doing this will only burn you out, which is the opposite of living a healthy life. Be selective with the activities you do and limit them each week. There’s nothing healthy about getting burned out! Instead, try to recreate indulgences at home.

To spend time together and indulge in good wine, my boyfriend and I ‘recreate’ restaurant experiences at home, especially since dining out is always on our mind. Once a week we get a bottle of wine, pop in a spinach and provolone Ultra Thin Crust pizza and indulge in our favourite shows via the laptop (since I don’t own a T.V.!). No waiter to wait on, no big bill to foot. Instead we eat delicious food at home and still have time to head down to the condo gym afterwards. One of the many ways I manage to “do it all.”

Have a tip for how you live and eat well in the city? Let me know in the comments below!


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